Wrightwood Engagement – Jenn & Spencer

Spencer was thinking of romance… but not for himself. He was house sitting and he had offered his friend a place to stay with his girlfriend for the night. He had planned on letting them have the place to themselves, but when they arrived, to his shock, there was also another girl. Jenn was there because her friend had told her that she had found the one, and she was there to meet him. She had no clue that the man who had just opened the door was the man that would be her destiny.
Spencer could not take his eyes off her and she was lost in his gaze. While their friends settled into their rooms, Jenn and Spencer made small talk and took some encouraging Vanilla Vodka Shots.
Although his original plan had been to take off, Spencer now could not leave Jenn’s side. Even though he was a Marine, her confidence intimidated him and yet attracted him. Before long, he found himself on an impromptu double date at the bar, Duke’s with his friends. Jenn ordered herself a drink, but as soon as it came, Spencer grabbed it and downed it all. “Now I have to buy you a drink,” he told her. They spent their time laughing and dancing. Spencer made his move and leaned in for a kiss. To his dismay, Jenn pulled back and ran away. Spencer chased the woman he had fallen in love with outside the bar. He had no clue that Jenn’s heart was still on the mend. Spencer was not about to let her go. In an instant, he merged the present and the future together when he told her how he felt. Spencer told her that in his heart he felt one day she would be his wife and the mother of their daughter. Spencer would get his kiss. Jenn’s heart would be mended and on the day they had planned to be there for their friends, when it was least expected, they had found each other.

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