Riverside Engagement – Pete & Leslie

It was love at first sight… traditionally it’s in person, but for Pete, it happened on Facebook. He saw Leslie on his cousin’s page and something about her caught his eye. They messaged each other for awhile and he knew he had to meet her. So he planned a beautiful romantic evening at Joe’s Italian Restaurant… and that night she was hooked! After dating awhile, Pete knew he had to propose to her so he bought the ring and held onto it for a bit looking for the perfect moment. That perfect moment seemed so right on his birthday… unfortunately, the love story would have to continue in the ER! Leslie was having an intense migraine that would not ease up. Pete did everything he could to make her feel better and more comfortable… and then it came to him! He would propose to her now, expressing his love and hoping it would take her mind off the pain even for a second. While she was lying on the couch moments before they went to the ER, he proposed and Leslie said, “Yes!”

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