I have loved watching little Max Jay grow in front of my camera this year. His little laughs and adorable smile brighten my days especially while editing. Seeing him balance on his own two feet was so exciting and I can’t wait to see him start to take his first steps! Happy Birthday. Max Jay!

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The expression, “I saw fireworks,” is figurative. For Daniele and Melissa it was literal. Their first date was on the 4th of July in Malibu. Coming back from dinner, they pulled over on the side of the road to watch the lights in the sky… and the sparks between them started.
If love is a game to be played, the game was racquetball. Daniele knew Melissa was the one when after she sprained her ankle, Melissa took care of her. Daniele had won the point, but Melissa had won her heart.
Melissa meanwhile was drawn to Daniele the moment she met her. She loved her confidence, her independence, her passion for her work and her beliefs and values. She found herself smiling and laughing and enjoying herself in her presence.
Sometimes you have to go out and find love even when it is yours to have. Melissa made love a scavenger hunt. She created a week-long surprise of meetings with good friends and family members who at the end of the activity handed Daniele a clue. The last clue was a meeting at the rooftop of their condo to a candle lit proposal. Not a single person knew the clues were leading to that proposal.
Not to be outdone, Daniele also proposed. She conspired with Melissa’s twin sister to fill her days babysitting while she pretended to work extra hours. When babysitting was not enough time, Daniele sent Melissa to a basketball game with her dad. Melisa finally came home to lights strung up with candles and a laptop playing a video. The lights spelled out,”Marry Me?”
They both said, “Yes”, to Forever.


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