Hailee is a beautiful, bright and active 15 year old. She is the catcher of her High School’s JV Softball team and strives to make Varsity next year. she couldn’t help but giggle and maybe occasionally roll her eyes in embarrassment as her parents repeatedly joked during our session. But in the end she knows they love her. Everyone is looking forward to the celebration of her Quinceañera!

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I had the honor of capturing their wedding day at the beautiful Riverside Art Museum. And under the twinkling stars, they danced the night away over the rooftop reception. Almost 4 years later, they are now expecting a little girl! Congratulations, Amanda & Ernest!

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I love that you’re my second photographer, partner in crime, and of course, my best friend!


You’re a total badass and make photography look so laid back.


Your eyes and smile are my two favorite things in this world! Please don’t tell my camera, but she is number three, especially when I’m taking pictures of you.


Your love for all animals makes me fall in love with you even more each day. You are so great with our 5 cat children. They fell into our lives… be it stuck in a bush in our front yard or a Starbucks parking lot at 3am…. Saving  kittens with you is the best feeling next to taking pictures of people in love.


Everything is more fun when you’re around! I love that you can strike a pose even during the busy bustle of a wedding day.


Thank you for all the times you’ve carried my bag, or the bride’s bag! 


Thank you for all the times you’ve had to model for me to make sure the lighting is OK. Although you don’t look too excited about holding hands with our assistant on the other side of the door, this  “first look” is my favorite!


Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. I know my day will always be better whether you’re holding an LED light, a camera, or my hand.Happy Birthday, My love!